People We Miss


Rich is my brother.
I’ve spent more time with him than any other person on this earth. He knows my deepest secrets and he still loves me.
When we were growing up I had the upper hand on him even though he was almost 2 years older. The moment he started to fight back that all ended : )

My journey through life was matched up pretty well to his in the early years and into our teens.
When we were in grade school he fought a fight for me.
When I wanted a stuffed turtle really badly, that was ending scrambled, he got it and gave it to me. (I still have it). When he got engaged he showed me true character in that time of waiting.
He had to take the brunt of the nonsense and ridicule from our parents when they divorced and the relationships were shaky. (Something that I think affected him greatly and something I wished I could have spared him).
There are probably a ton of instances where he took a bullet for me, defended me or complemented me that I have no idea about on this side of heaven.
He might not think so but I’ve looked up to him many times over the years, the way a younger brother should.
Rich has had it rough these past years. I can only hope to give him back some of what he has given me.
I have some good friends I really don’t want to leave behind, but as my only brother, who has always been living nearby, Rich is the single person I wish I was staying for. In fact, our relationship was the one I was worried about most when sorting out this trip.
I’ve tried to connect him to good people and friends of character. I hope and pray he will be in good hands.
I will miss him most.
My brother Rich in Mexico, standing next to a cutout of F1 star Fernando Alonso.
My brother Rich in Mexico, standing next to a cutout of F1 star Fernando Alonso.

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