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The Beast with those Four Dirty Paws

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One morning, about two weeks ago, I was preparing my coffee and took the sugar out of our pantry drawer–we stored it in a ziploc bag so that it would fit in its reserved spot in the drawer. As I pulled the bag out, the sugar spilled all over the floor from two holes on either side of the bag. I was instantly angered. I investigated the holes and they seemed to be bite marks… I looked into the drawer and discovered pee and poop everywhere. All over the cutlery, all over the kitchen utensils, all over the floor in the storage under the oven.

A mouse.

A great band.

It felt like an invasion, like an intruder. Like a thief came in, tore through my drawers and left it’s disgusting evidence everywhere.

Just the night before, I was crying to Luke because I was homesick. Endless travel, no schedule revealing itself, and thinking of the spaces that needed to be reorganized (but had to wait because we needed to see Newfoundland before the weather took a turn we were not prepared for) were all very overwhelming for me.

As I spent the morning cleaning, I lamented over the fact that I never had to deal with mouse poop on my cutlery when we had a house in Brooklin. Thinking of a couple of mice and the potential offspring they could produce and reproduce fed my anger. Thinking of them getting stuck in a space where they couldn’t escape and having them die, their lifeless bodies stinking up our home, fed my anger. In my ferocity, I wanted to set ablaze to the trailer and walk away.

And feelings of homesickness became even more present.



In his attempt to find the varmint culprits during that mess of a morning, Luke busted down a small wall under our fridge and found… empty space. In a home of 200 square feet, with only 50 square feet of open walking space, finding more storage space is even more valuable than stumbling upon gold in your backyard.

That morning, I cleaned the cutlery, kitchen utensils and drawers that the mouse soiled. I also cleaned the bathroom, vacuumed the floors and cleaned the floors. And I reorganized the spaces that needed attention. Luke turned that space under the fridge into a usable storage area and I was able to reorganize the spaces I was crying over the night before. I was also refreshed by staying home for the morning and accomplishing regular house chores, it reset my heart towards this journey we’re on.

In that mess of a morning, God used that dirty little rodent to bless me. If that mouse hadn’t raided our home, we never would have found the extra storage and I’d probably still be upset over the lack of space in our food cabinet. If we hadn’t found that mouse, I never would have had normal time at home doing normal things, easing the burden of travelling and joyfully crossing things off of my mental chore list.

Oh, and it was just one mouse. Thank God! We lured him into a live trap with delicious peanut butter and released him about 200km away from where he broke in–just because we had a stowaway didn’t mean we had to stop travelling.

The Intruder
The Intruder

Two weeks later and I’m still struck by the mysteriousness of God in that odd blessing. It makes me wonder…

What other blessings am I missing because it looks like mouse poop to me?

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