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More Housekeeping…

We’ve added a map of the places we’ve been. Really, it’s just the towns we’ve parked in and slept. #HomeIsWhereYouParkIt. Scroll down to the the bottom of this site, and the map is there, just under our Instagram feed.

We’ve also added a day by day information page… Just places we’ve been and what we did in very. short. form. Click on the “Today we are in…” link at the top of the site and it will take you to the day by day page. We’ll try to keep each day updated, as well as each day’s current location in the link.

One thought on “More Housekeeping…”

  1. Linda McInnis says:

    It was so wonderful to spend the time with you. I was amazed at how well the children played all afternoon with cat toys. They are precious and I’m so happy to say “My granddaughter and great-grandchildren” when I talk about you to my friends; and I can’t forget my wonderful grandson-in-law. I love you all and I’m blessed to have you in my life. Wishing you safe travels and amazing experiences.


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