People We Miss

Nick and Melissa

Nick and Melissa are our friends from church. Once we moved out of our house and into the trailer, we became their neighbours: we lived in Nick and Melissa’s driveway for most of this past summer.

Isla, Jenson and Lincoln spent most of their summer playing with Eva, Mary, Jillian and Derrek… Digging holes in the sand, jumping on the trampoline, throwing apples to the donkeys (Darlene and Dylan) and the cow (Toonie), swinging on the play set and chasing chickens.

We watched hatchling chicks mature into adolescents, we named the adult chickens (Mathilde et Manech, Lemon Loaf, Freckles), we cooled off with freezies, swayed on the tree swing tied to the giant weeping willow, enjoyed picnic lunches and consumed way too much pizza. (Okay, there is no such thing as too much pizza, but we definitely ate a lot of it. I’m surprised our local Pizza Nova didn’t know us by name–The Krajcarski Special: 4 pepperoni pizzas.)

In the short time we were neighbours, they filled so many of our needs. They cooked for us, cared for our children, gave us their truck to use, they provided us with water and power, they let us use their washer and dryer, they welded parts for us, they hosted gatherings for us, they gave us their time and love. Our needs always felt more important than their own.

It was a great blessing to be their neighbours over the summer. We formed a strong foundation for a relationship we know will stand the test of our crazy futures. God established this friendship and He will sustain it. We will always lovingly refer to ourselves as the Battski’s.

We will miss Nick and Melissa because of their boundless love, encouragement and laughter they would share with us everyday.

The Batty's -- our other halves
The Batty’s — our other halves

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