People We Miss

Bob and Kathy (BobKat)

We were Bob and Kathy’s neighbours for about two weeks, the last two before we left Brooklin.

Isla, Jenson and Lincoln made new friends in their grandchildren, Riley, Emma, McKenzie and PJ. They hunted grasshoppers together, rode bikes together and climbed the walnut tree together. 

Isla and Jenson learned how to ride their bikes without training wheels on the hill behind their pool room. Lincoln learned how to balance himself and peddle with some confidence too. 

When we lived at Bob and Kathy’s house for those last few weeks, we bore witness to the most amazing love. They truly welcomed us into their everyday lives, into their family and showered blessings upon us. 

Kathy is the ultimate caregiver and caretaker of their home, she’s overflowing with grace and love amidst all of the chaos that surrounds her. While we were there, Kathy loved her grandchildren so much and so well that her love splashed onto Isla, Jenson and Lincoln and it made them feel like a part of the family. Kathy puts everyone in her house before herself, even us gypsies who were just passing through.

Bob is just as selfless as Kathy, giving his time and wisdom to us as we struggled through some hardships. He also enjoyed up some finer things with Luke, like cigars and delicious rum. 

We splashed in their pool, ran around in their yard, even took over a small room in their home. I did my laundry in their basement and I did my dishes in their kitchen everyday–almost always with great conversations to accompany the chore.

Bob and Kathy took care of so many needs; physically, emotionally and spiritually. They ministered to our needs as they offered up their hospitality. 

We will miss Bob and Kathy for their hospitality, wisdom, insight and for their maturity in their faith that we aspire to.

Luke, Jenson, Isla, Linc, Cynthia, Bob, Reese, Kathy

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