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His Word is His Will. 

This last month has been an interesting time. I had been spared the distraction of trailer duties and travel concerns because when we arrived in Florida on December 4th, Ian, my friend from Brooklin, had a house ready for us to occupy. 
It allowed us to spread out and lounge. I was able to relax, do some reading and sort out my thoughts a bit.

One of my goals from this journey was to learn God’s Will for my life moving forward. I had come to a place where I wasn’t satisfied in certain aspects of my life and was looking to find out if I was heading in the right direction. It had been a major reason I had quit my job and was on this journey to begin with.

Although this kind of reflection is health and necessary, it’s results are often misinterpreted.

I was lacking satisfaction in several areas of personal spiritual growth, in my job and in what the future held for me and my family in relationship to my job. I must admit that my main focus was on my job and as a result I was asking God for direction mostly in that area.

I was hoping to hear His voice telling me to do something more meaningful or work for a company making positive changes in the world. That hasn’t happened yet. In fact, my mind is more unclear on that point than ever. I have no idea what I’m supposed to be doing for a living. Not a clue. I can think of some thing that I may enjoy doing but something tells me I would be bored with all of them eventually. That is why it was so important to follow God’s will in this regard. I don’t want to make a decision that will lead to the same dissatisfaction I’ve already been feeling. I’m simply waiting for a sign or voice to guide me, but there is a problem with this thinking, I’m learning.

I sound like so many people out there who think God is concerned about what job they take or where they live, the same way we are. And that this is one of the most important things to have figured out.

In my searching of scripture and through some devotionals, I have found that to not be the case. Quite the opposite seems true.

Thessalonians 4:3 tells me that God’s Will for my life is my sanctification, my growing closer to him through obedience. To be ‘holier” (not to sound funny). Second Corinthians 3:18 says that believers are to become more like God, growing in His glory.

If God is interested in my sanctification, if that is His will for me, then my focus should be on doing what I already know the Word of God says instead of searching for these answers surrounding my job and future, which are no where to be found at the moment.

If I’m doing what the Word says then I’ll be making the right decision already.

Even though this doesn’t translate to the job question, it does mean everything when it comes to my deficit in my walk with Christ.

God’s will for my life is not a secret master plan he is testing me to figure out. The truth is; if I’m busy being the person God wants me to be – the parts he does make clear in scripture about living right – then I’ll already be who he wants me to be.

I know what God expects of me and I don’t do it. I wrestle with obedience to Him all the time. If that doesn’t change, if I can’t obey him with these little things, then how can I expect to hear Him when he reveals an answers to my “bigger” questions?

More importantly, If I do follow his Word, that which I already know, then I will be in His Will already. What I do for a job will not be the concern it is right now.

I mentioned earlier that I’ve been feeling a lack of satisfaction in several areas of my life. My focus had been job and the future when it should have been on my spiritual short comings. Meaning my disconnect with God was my true dissatisfaction. My sins and distractions had been my separation from Him and His Will. It was time for me to dive more openly and honestly into His Word in this new year – to no longer search for what is already known to me. I must recognize that His Word is His Will. This will bring me a long sought satisfaction in a personal area of my life that I know I don’t have to wait for; an answer I can have now to the age old question “what do you want from me, Lord?”

Being able to rest at this place for the last month has helped me to figure some things out. Thanks Ian, for the place to stay and reflect.

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