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To Florida for Christmas. 

The latter weeks of November we made our way slowly through the lower states hitting National Parks and more historic sites along the way. But before that, we would return to D.C. and use our bikes with baby carriers in tow to see he sites of the National Mall. We saw Marine One fly by and Mike Pence walked right by us in the Capitol Building. Pretty Neat. Leaving D.C. the path south has much civil war and American history so I was excited to hit those spots, like Monticello, the Shenandoah Mountains and the Appomattox. 
We hugged the Appalachian Mountains with the intent of me being able to climb Mt. Mitchell in North Carolina. Wild fires prevented that from happening and nearly cancelled our whole mountain experience in that area. 

We cut back over to the ocean side of North Carolina and made our way down to Florida, hoping to arrive in early December.

Along the way we visited the Billy Graham museum and Myrtle Beach, which was freezing, but we got to see our first sign of palm trees.

Heading down the coast we hit some beautiful classic American towns like Charleston and Savannah, where Lincoln fell at a park and needed stitches on his cheek, (poor little guy).

Savannah not only left its mark on Lincoln’s face but also in our hearts. We found the town to be truly special. Everything from its Piratical history to the Spanish moss covered oaks promoted an exciting but hauntingly relaxing time for us. It was tough to move on from the place Forrest Gump made his famous bench monologue. This is definitely a town we would like to see more of one day.

From Savannah we made our way quickly to Port Orange, Florida, where Ian Farr had an empty house waiting for us in a private fly-in community.

We unloaded the trailer at the house and put it into storage for the month, while we spread out and experienced the best of Disney, The Space Centre and Florida’s tropic climate.

Although its a bit of a pain to move out of the trailer, it has been good for us to send Christmas in an actual home and be able to cook a proper meal. We thank God for this opportunity and Ian for providing the home to make it happen.

As we write this we are on the eve of leaving the house and moving back into the trailer.

We had already moved most of our personal items back in a few days ago to make the transition easier, although the difficulty in transition will not be moving our things but adjusting our minds back to travel mode. A part of us is looking forward to moving on.

Our home for a month in Florida’s Spruce Creek fly-in community

2 thoughts on “To Florida for Christmas. ”

  1. Grandma Linda says:

    I understand there are some nasty storms in your area, please be safe. Poor Lincoln, I hope his cheek healed without too much of a scar. Hugs to everyone.

    Grandma Linda

    1. Cynthia says:

      Thanks Grandma Linda! We were safe during the storms and Linc’s cheek healed well.

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