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Back at Belleville, Apartment “B”

Good day to you all.

We have returned to Bellville for the month of October after visiting my mom up on Manitoulin Island and after a quick stop into Brooklin.
My hopes up on the island were to get 5 solid weeks of relaxing, reflection and writing. I was hoping to take some creative photos for Instagram to rekindle that side of my brain a bit as well. As it turns out I did get to do all those things despite lending my efforts to my mothers building projects for almost 3 weeks.
It was good to see her. Our relationship has its challenges but love always prevails.

The kids had a good time being able to play outside constantly. They have really grown. I went up thinking that we would watch them every waking moment, but they learned to play by the water, in the water and in the trees with minimal hassle or supervision. Of course when we went swimming they were watched liked hawks, but for the most part they grew in independence. They wouldn’t go near bugs when we arrived, but in no time they were having them crawl all over them.
My brother Rich and his son James were up when we arrived, so that gave the kids a few good days to play with their cousin before they left a week later.

We decided to go up to the island “sans trailer” to save gas and the bother of moving it. We are nicely nestled at the Batty’s and I did not want to have to move the trailer in and out again. We lived in my mom’s guest house, which gave us privacy (because the kids slept in the main house) and the convenience of not having to stay on the driveway bringing water and electricity up to the trailer.
I enjoyed waking up every morning and seeing the lake plus the sunrise God chose to display that day. It was therapeutic. The weather turned out to be great for almost all the time we were there. We enjoyed swimming, ATVing, catching reptiles, insects and bats, fires & marshmallows,  plus fishing on the motorized dingy, even though we didn’t catch anything.
It was a nice time to spend with my mom and doing those kinds of things with the kids. You never know when it all could end so taking this time with her was very special in retrospect.

We originally were planning on staying 4 weeks but the extra week was added so that I could get a little more time to work on my own projects instead of my mom’s task list, plus I was hoping to go to a board gaming convention that I used to be an organizer of, back in Oshawa the following week. Our pastor and his wife opened up their basement to us to stay in while we spent an unexpected 8 days in Brooklin. Their kindness to us made us double our original stay time of 4 days. It gave us time to see friends again and go to church in our home town.
I had to make my way back to Brooklin and my pastors house the following week for the funeral of a friend’s grandmother. The Blackman’s really make it easy to return to Brooklin by always opening up their home to us. Thanks guys!

Being back in the trailer after 6 weeks was bitter sweet for me. I liked my own space but also liked to stretch out at the places we’ve stayed. For Cynthia it was different. She needs her own space quite a bit. Although glad for the hospitality of other, she was very happy to be back in her own space. No matter how small it is, it’s hers.

Towards the end of our time at my mom’s I came up with this idea of changing our trailer accommodations from a travel trailer to a truck camper, the kind that mounts on a truck bed, with no more wheels or axles or backing-up challenges. I drew out a concept and shared it with her and our friends to see what they thought. Even though I wasn’t even sold on the idea yet, I got decent feedback on the idea from most people, but when I realized that this new smaller space would not have the home feel Cynthia got from the current trailer, I knew I had to abandon the idea.

So here we sit, in our trailer at the Batty’s in Bellville. Like an apartment within the Batty complex. Waiting out the month of October. Slowly preparing for Hawaii. Our bags are partially packed, our tickets, accommodations and rentals practically all taken care of. Now we have some minor repairs to do on the trailer and some pre-winter prep. Other than that we wait, enjoying the fall as it comes upon us. The only plans we have in October is to head back to Brooklin for a few days so I can attend the church men’s retreat over a weekend while Cynthia visits friends with the kids. Other than that, the next time we will return to our home area is just before we put away the trailer for the winter and get on a plane. Cynthia’s uncle owns large train yards for new car deliveries in the Toronto area and had offered us to securely park our truck and trailer within 15 minutes of the airport over the winter, spared at no expense. We are sometimes overwhelmed by the love and kindness of those in our path. People who make it easier to do this journey.

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