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Much Needed Housekeeping…

If you root around the blog, you might notice a few new things.

The most important addition, one that was mentioned over a year ago, is a fully functional subscribe form! Scroll down to the bottom of this page and you’ll see where you can subscribe to be emailed whenever a new post has been published.

If you click on the menu tab on the top left corner, you’ll see that we’ve added Instagram and YouTube links to their respective accounts. We’ve also added those links to the top menu, easily viewed on a desktop and on a mobile device, click where it says “NAVIGATION”. We’ve also added those links to the very bottom of the site, just in case the other two locations were missed. No, my last job was not at the Department of Redundancy Department.

We also have a “Contact Us” form in the top left menu, although I’m sure most of you won’t need it since only some friends and family read this and  y’all have our personal emails already.

If you could do me a favour, I would absolutely love if you could test out the various new “features”. Click on the links and fill out the forms so that we can better test our work and smooth out any issues. Email, text or call me to let me know if you find something that doesn’t work.

As Luke previously mentioned, we’re hoping to start adding a YouTube element to our travels in hopes of keeping everyone better up to date and allowing everyone to see the three little monkeys more often. All these new features are being put in place now, so that just in case we attract a couple new friends through YouTube, we won’t have to scramble to keep in touch with them.

A hui hou!

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