People We Miss


I, Luke, have known Dagmara for decades now.
I remember being at a party and meeting her for the first time. My brother and her would date for a little while. We naturally got to know one another because she was always around.
After they were no longer dating I wondered if our friendship would continue. My brother and her remained close so it was easy to keep in touch.

Some people may remember, to others this is news, but I used to go to the movies at least once a week. It is very hard to find someone else that dedicated. Needless to say, Dagmara was one of my most willing guests. We saw so many great movies together. I could almost always depend on her to come along when others got sick of me and my movies.
This may seem like nothing big, but to me it meant the world to have someone to share a good movie with.

Dagmara was extremely supportive. She has a special emotional side of her that allows her to relate with people pain incredibly well. Did we have conflicts? Sure, all friends do, but I will never excuse her sympathy towards me at those time that I was going through a break up or another tough time in my life.
Together we laughed, we cried and we shared adventures. We also learned about Christ around the same time and became saved. It was special to see Dagmara as my sister in Christ now, as well.

When Cynthia came into my life, her and Dagmara would develop their own friendship, and would study the word together in their women’s group for years.
Our lives seemed to constantly be intertwined. Dagmara’s brother Marty and I worked together for a while and we still see him from time to time. We lived close to one another on two occasions and shared many holiday meals with their family.

As is common in life, we don’t always keep as close in touch as we would like. Although I talk with her from time to time, when I think of her, I miss those good times growing up. I am often reminded of her kindness to me over anything else we may have gone through. I wish her the best always. I hope she lives a truly blessed life and that the compassion she shows will always return to her, no matter where she is in life.

Dagmara and I at a New Year’s celebration with friends a couple decades ago.

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