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After 2 Years We Are Back On The Road.

It has been 14 months since we returned from Hawaii and wrote our last post.

We have been “homeless” for 3 years but have been on the road in the trailer for only 6 months during that time.

After moving out of our house into the trailer we parked at a friends for 3 months, travelled for 6, parked again for the summer, spent the winter in Hawaii, and the last year we were living in our pastors house. This was never the plan.

After returning from Hawaii we wanted to spend 2 weeks in our home town and then hit the road again. Despite this plan we had a growing suspicion that it could be altered significantly at any moment after our return. Our home church had been trying to sell an additional lot next door to fund a much needed renovation of the church building. The sale had been slow at first but there was talk of an interested buyer. If the lot sold then we knew, as a couple who had time to spare and had done renovations in the loft and kids area, that we may be asked to assist in these larger scale renovations of the entire building. Our hearts were ready for this possibility and when the buyer was confirmed we decided to stay for 3 months to get to work on making this transformation happen.
Our estimate of 3 months was poor to say the least. 3 months turned into 6 month and 6 months turned into a year. At the end of it all we had completed the renovations with the help of contractors, volunteers and thousands of man hours under our belts. Our year in Brooklin allowed us to enrol the kids in school, to be there for church and family events, as well as to connect and grow stronger relationships with our loved ones.

This past year has been a tremendous blessing that grew out of what we saw as obligation.
To know more of our thoughts on that please watch our latest vlog when it gets posted.

We are now back on the road and looking forward to writing the next chapter in this adventure.


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