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A Quick Upate.

Admittedly, we have not been blogging much on this leg of our adventure. Instagram posts and our videos have shared most of our experiences and emotions throughout the last few months.

What we may not have mentioned is that as we sit here in Texas over winter, we have decided that in the spring we would like to return to Ontario (God willing). This decision comes after we calculated how much more travelling we would like to do and how long it may take use.

After we left Brooklin in the late summer we made our way to Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota, where we rejoined Ontario. We made our way west and with our basecamp in Banff, we set out for day trips that lead us hours into British Columbia. After that we headed south into Montana, Wyoming, Idaho (Potato Land), North and South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, New Mexico and finally Texas.

While in Texas for two months we visited Kansas and Oklahoma.

As we set forth across the west, we plan to hit Arizona, Utah, Nevada, California, Oregon and Washington before reentering Canada at the end of March. We will make our way north to the Yukon and Alaska. If we are lucky there will be an opportunity to kiss the North West Territories.

That would conclude our travels and send us home to Ontario, where we hope to settle down and make roots once again.

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