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Are We Done Travelling?

Since our last post a lot has happened in the world. We made our way across to California and up to Seattle with most of the stops we had planned along the way, minus some major hikes Luke had planned, and into Canada by the time our travel insurance expired.

Then came Covid.

Just south of Seattle we found ourselves at the US epicentre for the outbreak. We decided to head for the border and cross just east of Vancouver, Canadas epicentre at the time.

We made it across fine and quarantined for 2 weeks at a Walmart and later a nice campsite surrounded by mountains.

As we waited in quarantine we saw our plans to head north to Alaska and the territories fall away. The border was now closed.

Carefully monitoring the weather across the country we left the campsite early and made a dash to Ontario. The hardest part was crossing the mountains in snow, rain and darkness to get to Banff. It was practically deserted when we arrived after some very dangerous driving without snow tires.

We had to dump all of our water due to freezing temperatures and would not be able to reload at all along the way because stations were closed for the season still.

6-7 days later we were back in Ontario. Our trip in the trailer had come to an end.

Alaska would have to wait and we would fly there as it made the most sense economically.

Our good friends Ray and Pui-Yee provided us a place to stay in Uxbridge for the next while so we put the truck cap and trailer for sale.

Seeing that trailer being pulled away by its new owner gave us confirmation: this trip is over.

4 year of experiences, blessings, togetherness, uncertainty and reliance on the road had come to an end and a new chapter for our family was now beginning

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