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Kauai, Hawaii: The First Leg is Complete

On our last update we were getting ready to depart for Hawaii for the winter months.
We made our way from our temporary parking spot at our friends, the Batty’s in Bellville, to parking at our home town church parking lot, while staying at our pastor’s families home.
About 10 days later we moved the truck and trailer (Charlie and Jacob “the Ark”) to a car lot near the Airport, then took a taxi to a hotel and then made our way to the airport the following morning.

The flight wasn’t too bad. The kids enjoyed being on a plane for the first time in their memory, as they had enough stuff to keep themselves occupied for the long journey over the ocean.
Upon arrival to Kauai, our final destination for this leg, we picked up our local rental, which was a beat up Corolla that was filthy but reliable. Our dwelling for the next 24 days was an apartment above a local plaza. It was quite nice and clean. Central enough for us to do day trips to any part of the island.

Being on the Hawaii islands is nothing new to us as we’ve had 4 trips here in the past, but this time it wasn’t supposed to be a vacation, it is supposed to be an attempt to see what living here would be like. Although we have very little illusion about being able to stay here permanently, we still thought it would be a great experience to see what the Hawaii-life would be like.
Perhaps it is an attempt to get so much Hawaii in our systems that we will desire it less than we do; A Hawaii overload!
This experiment proved difficult on our first stop of Kauai because it is our favourite island and our first time back in a while. Naturally, we just want to do everything and see everything like tourists. So much for trying to live like locals.

After arriving on our second island; Oahu, we promised ourselves that we would attempt local living here. Like Kauai, it may prove increasingly difficult. We always want to be out there sucking up the sights. We have a nicer local rental on this island but the apartment, although large and with a really nice view, is definitely well lived in and nothing like a hotel. This may help get us settled and feeling less and less like we are on vacation.

Cynthia and I have differing views on how we see our time in Hawaii so far. We have different goals and hopes for these 6 months as well. My thoughts are pretty scattered so far so I will refrain from spilling them out here or in my personal-thoughts section just yet.

One thing I will note is that a large amount of time in any place can turn out to be a bad thing. The more you immerse yourself in a place the more the vail lifted. This is what I suspect. Only time will tell if I’m right.
By “vail” I do not mean on the natural beauty of this place, because it’s truly overwhelming sometimes. What I mean by “vail” is the one over the ideas we have of it’s people, living here, and everyday life.
There is this cheesy line in the movie “The Beach”, where DiCaprio’s character realizes at the end of the movie that chasing a physical paradise is fleeting. He says: “Paradise isn’t a place, but how you feel for a moment in your life”.
When you’re on vacation, that is hard to render into truth, but give yourself enough time in a place, no matter how beautiful, and your problems will all rise to the surface, Once you experience pain, loss and trouble it can turn any paradise into Hell-on-Earth. But if you have everlasting peace and joy inside, then you can endure these things no matter where you reside. In my time here I must remember to pray for grown in that area of internal joy Christ provides me and think less about how my surroundings can fulfill me.

This is our place on Kauai. We enjoyed our time here and have moved onto Oahu for the month of December.


Luke's Thoughts

It Is Well…

Am I really that different?

This is the question I ask myself after each year passes, on my birthday. I look back at the promises I made to myself, to others and to God. Most people look in the mirror and are disappointed with their aging as years go by. I know I used to be a bit like that. But now instead I look into my journal and see if I’ve grown “older” in the person I am. If I am wiser, making better choices than I did the year previous. My disappoint does not come from growing “older” in that way, but by staying the same; by not changing and by not growing.

My biggest fear has become the slew of pages I write, filled with biblical truths about man and his separation from God, and what I must to strengthen that relationship again. Fear in writing what I know to be true but doing very little to follow it.

General Posts

Back at Belleville, Apartment “B”

Good day to you all.

We have returned to Bellville for the month of October after visiting my mom up on Manitoulin Island and after a quick stop into Brooklin.
My hopes up on the island were to get 5 solid weeks of relaxing, reflection and writing. I was hoping to take some creative photos for Instagram to rekindle that side of my brain a bit as well. As it turns out I did get to do all those things despite lending my efforts to my mothers building projects for almost 3 weeks.
It was good to see her. Our relationship has its challenges but love always prevails.

People We Miss

Our Neighbours

Since returning to our home town after our first leg on the road, we had the privilege and pleasure of reuniting with loved ones. These same loved ones we had been writing about in this section of the blog had greeted us with the kind of open arms and love that you can only be experienced by a fond heart that’s been away for a while.
After getting together with all the people we wrote about missing I noticed that we didn’t write about our neighbours, even though we missed them very much.

Luke's Thoughts

One Year Has Passed.

One year has passed since we first left our home town. We have spent roughly half of it on the road. We had time off in Gettysburg (10 days), about a month in Port Orange, Florida, another 3 weeks in Albany, Georgia after the Twister, and 4 months parked back in our Home town of Brooklin, Ontario.
I think as new full time travellers it was essential to both Cynthia and I that we did take those breaks at certain times. It made it easier to long for the road again.

So how has it been for me this past year?