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The Beast with those Four Dirty Paws

Listening to: Of Monsters and Men – Dirty Paws

One morning, about two weeks ago, I was preparing my coffee and took the sugar out of our pantry drawer–we stored it in a ziploc bag so that it would fit in its reserved spot in the drawer. As I pulled the bag out, the sugar spilled all over the floor from two holes on either side of the bag. I was instantly angered. I investigated the holes and they seemed to be bite marks… I looked into the drawer and discovered pee and poop everywhere. All over the cutlery, all over the kitchen utensils, all over the floor in the storage under the oven.

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We Know we Were Made for so Much More

Listening to: Casting Crowns – Thrive

Isla, Jenson and Linc at Parliament Hill.
Isla, Jenson and Linc at Parliament Hill.

We’re in Ottawa today, and I’m still overwhelmed by the hospitality of friends. Our friend, Aaron, has been gracious enough to invite us to stay at his house while we’re here… Which means normal showers for us and baths for the kids, a real sink to wash dishes and power to run our beloved air conditioner.

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I Have Surrendered to Your Design

Listening to: NEEDTOBREATHE – Multiplied

It’s been two months since the date we told everyone we were leaving… June 30th. The first day of summer break, the last day of owning a house… The official beginning of this new chapter of life.

Before June 30th I remember sending Luke a text message about how we might be in Newfoundland for his birthday. We celebrated Luke’s birthday seven days ago. In Brooklin.

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It’s Good Just to See Your Face

Listening to: Brian Littrell – Welcome Home (You)

We left my mother-in-law’s, Urszula’s, cottage yesterday evening. Living there was a hard transition for me, moving from our house to our trailer, then from the trailer to the casita at my mother-in-law’s. I felt like we were cheating ourselves out of this dry run experience by living in a normal house, with a full size shower and a real life washer (this is a huge deal for me because I will be using a Wonder Wash for the next few years). It felt like we came for a visit instead of for the experience, and I hungered for the experience.

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Just the Beginning of the Beginning

Listening to: Steven Curtis Chapman – Glorious Unfolding

It’s been just over a week since we unofficially began our journey. It’s unofficial because we’ve only travelled to my mother-in-law’s cottage near Manitoulin Island, it’s our dry-run of sorts…

We’re figuring out and implementing more efficient ways of doing the dirtier trailer chores (read: emptying and cleaning the black water tank). It’s a foul job that Luke has taken upon himself to perfect and turn into a seemingly painless process. Thank God. Code brown diapers were always my responsibility, so I’m incredibly pleased to find out that this job was not on my list of tasks. I’d like to say we’ll be even in this dirty job at the end of our travels but, I think Luke wins in this area… Emptying the black water tank once or twice a week definitely takes more courage and can-do attitude than changing poopy diapers for six years.