People We Miss

Jessen Family

Karina, my mom is the one person who will ever love me more than anyone else in this world. This is probably true of most mothers and their children, but I know it’s true with mine.

She’s loved me through changing my stinky diapers, to singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star in kindergarten… Through having my first crush (Mark Cathcart), to the full blown bad attitude of teenage girls… Through getting my first job, to dating my first real boyfriend… Through marrying Luke, to having three children. 

She’s been loving me through it all.

People We Miss

Tiago and Kelly

Luke and Tiago have been friends since they were in high school together, for over 20 years. Tiago has even known me for 20 years–my family moved into the apartment building across from his family’s townhouse, and I was the little girl running around the neighborhood playing manhunt, while he worked on his motorcycle.

Luke and Tiago were not good friends in high school. In fact, when Tiago started attending Father Austin he saw Luke as immature and annoying. Luke saw Tiago as overly confident and condescending. But somehow, through trials of fire and special circumstances, Tiago and Luke became the best of friends. They rubbed off on each other in good ways and in some not so good ways (PURE NONSENSE WAYS–which I have had to deal with over the years).

People We Miss


Rich is my brother.
I’ve spent more time with him than any other person on this earth. He knows my deepest secrets and he still loves me.
When we were growing up I had the upper hand on him even though he was almost 2 years older. The moment he started to fight back that all ended : )