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Just the Beginning of the Beginning

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It’s been just over a week since we unofficially began our journey. It’s unofficial because we’ve only travelled to my mother-in-law’s cottage near Manitoulin Island, it’s our dry-run of sorts…

We’re figuring out and implementing more efficient ways of doing the dirtier trailer chores (read: emptying and cleaning the black water tank). It’s a foul job that Luke has taken upon himself to perfect and turn into a seemingly painless process. Thank God. Code brown diapers were always my responsibility, so I’m incredibly pleased to find out that this job was not on my list of tasks. I’d like to say we’ll be even in this dirty job at the end of our travels but, I think Luke wins in this area… Emptying the black water tank once or twice a week definitely takes more courage and can-do attitude than changing poopy diapers for six years.

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